Our Company Culture

TAF’s culture is driven by respect, transparency, collaboration and direct feedback. Action of each affect us all. Our international team, based in Amsterdam, exists out of young and dynamic people that represent the next generation, the heart of our target consumer.

Everyone in our team is involved in our companies’ vision and success, and we believe that the diverse voices at TAF strengthen us as a team and improve our product and services.

Passion for Athletic streetstyle

Our brand ambassadors are passionate about following all trends and developments that are linked to athletic lifestyle, streetstyle, fashion, sports and music. Working for TAF means that you are a true lover of sneakers and lifestyle. You have a passion to inspire people and help them to fix the right outfit that gives them the confidence to go out and explore the world. Diversity is one of our key values and this you can see back in our stores. Everybody is welcome within the TAF Family!

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Teamwork makes the dream work

With over more then 2500 employees across the world we service and inspire our style beholder consumer on a daily base. Our staff are our ambassadors of our brand. They live and breathe lifestyle on a daily base and are really connected with our consumer.

taf team

Charlotte – (top right):

 “I am the Global Manager Product for TAF based out of the HQ in Amsterdam. Working at TAF gave me the opportunity to meet people from all different countries and cultures as they are my colleagues from all over the world. Also I get to work on a lot of different projects because of the smaller size of our team, which means you can put your own input on projects or bring in new ideas.”

Faith – (bottom left):

“In my 2 years as the Global Visual Merchandising Manager at TAF I’ve learned that change is the only constant. Embracing the fast paced environment, the international mentality and using it to my advantage is how I’ve excelled. I always say without change there can be no growth, personal or otherwise. And this is why I’m lucky to be with TAF. ”

Susan Febus  – Store manager [USA] (top right)

I’ve been a store manager for 3 years but I’ve been working with the company for 7 years. I have three things I love the most about TAF. One of my favorite things about working for TAF would have to be helping kids and giving them a great shoe experience. Kids are fun and they are the future! Secondly, is being able to work for the Dahir family who have given me so much knowledge and has helped me grow within the company. Last favorite thing is being able to achieve a family-like setting with my staff and being able to maintainin a positive attitude in order to give customers the best service possible.

Emilie Cecilie Hestehave – Store manager / Head of VM [Denmark] (bottom left)

My favourite thing about working for TAF is the unity, not only in our stores in Denmark but our whole community is something I haven’t experienced in a work place before. I love the vibe we have in our stores and I LOOOOOVE our products!!


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